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SHAPE SHIFTER reveals 『雷鳴-RAIMEI-』trailer

SHAPE SHIFTER have revealed the trailer for their first single, Raimei :

As you can see, the single only has two tracks, the title track, plus 闇裂く羽 (yami saku hane). Again, the single is only available to order at the DUAL CORE SOUND ENTERPRISE webshop and at the band's live event.

What do you think? Personally, I'm so hyped for this! ♥


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inartistic / September 09, 2015 Reply
I liked parts of it, but the whole thing didn't turn me on D: Idk what's wrong with me
sheepprincessgara / September 09, 2015
I am excited for this, but there's something about the second track that makes me cringe...probably its poppier sound. All I know is that, Shape Shifter is very different from Z's previous projects (not so sure tho, cuz I only listened to a few songs from his past projects & I'm more familiar with Moi dix Mois ;w; )
Seraphim / September 09, 2015 Reply
First track is giving me potential E'm~Grief~ vibes. Bring on the heavy guitar work + every synth sample Garage Band has to offer.