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2017-09-24 13:00:09 inartistic
D new limited mini-album and live DVD

D announced a new mini-album and live DVD today!

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2017-09-23 08:04:42 inartistic
KISAKI's announcement: memorial live

At 21:00 JST, KISAKI made an announcement:

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2017-09-10 14:45:03 inartistic
Kibouya Honpo “reopens”

Himitsu Kessha CODOMO A successor band, Kibou-YA© has suddenly announced that they will “reopen”!

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2017-09-08 22:01:51 sheepprincessgara
David webshop, "Wizard Store" opens!

David’s official webshop, "Wizard Store” has opened!

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2017-09-07 20:50:09 Seraphim
New GOEMON Records Band - POIDOL

A new band has been added to GOEMON Records' roster: POIDOL !

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2017-08-31 12:21:25 inartistic
David changes OHP

David has changed its OHP from chateau-agency.com/david/ to david.syncl.jp/.

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2017-08-21 06:09:24 inartistic
David first single, "Requiemage" details

David (ex-Megaromania SUI) has finally revealed the details of its first single, Requiemage!

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2017-08-21 05:42:37 sheepprincessgara
Megaromania one-day revival!!

Yesterday, Misery tweeted that he would have a special announcement at 6pm on August 21. That announcement has been made today - no new band yet, but a beloved old band will be reviving!

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2017-08-20 11:28:02 inartistic
Lack-co. to release album

Lack-co. has announced their first full album!

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2017-08-20 11:21:39 inartistic
SUI establishes own label

David vocalist SUI (ex-Megaromania~LIN) has announced the formation of his own label, Resonance.

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