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KAIE profile


Band history

  • Material Slave
  • Romance for~ as Hasegawa Kouji (長谷川 幸司)
  • WITH SEXY as Kaie (戒依)
  • HYSTERIC BLAME as Kaie (戒依) on bass
  • Vasalla (覇叉羅) on guitar as kaie
  • geno (ゲノ)
  • Cryella as Kaie (戒依)
  • dead mark enterprise
  • Red Carpet support on bass as Hasegawa Kouji (長谷川 幸司)
  • Red Carpet on guitar as Hasegawa Kouji (長谷川 幸司)
  • NightingeiL
  • the FUZZ support as Kaie (戒依)
  • NightingeiL