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Three new releases from ARLEQUIN

With the commencement of their formal activities, ARLEQUIN has announced the release of three new CDs! First, the band will release their first single, Eclipse! The title track was previously released this past September via their distributed CD at Like an Edison; however, two brand new tracks have been recorded and a PV filmed to accompany the song in its official release via two-type single on 2014-01-15.

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Second, the band has announced that their self-titled demonstration CD, which was released earlier this month, has sold out! Accordingly, a 2nd press of the demonstration CD will be released. They have mentioned that the new press will have a different jacket, but details such as release date and price have yet to be announced.

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Finally, the band will collaborate with Like an Edison for a third time, producing yet another distributed CD. In the beginning of 2014, ARLEQUIN will highjack Like an Edison, and the store's shopping bags will be colored red with the phrase “New-generation Nagoya-kei。” (ARLEQUIN's concept) written on them. A copy of unreleased song Eseringo-eseringo- (似非林檎-eseringo-) will be freely distributed in each shopping bag.

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[To refresh/clarify: ARLEQUIN freely distributed the song Eclipse at Like an Edison stores beginning on 2013-09-28. On 2013-10-02, the band released their self-titled demonstration CD nationwide; those who purchased it from Like an Edison further received the unreleased song INNOCENCE (イノセンス). Now the band will release a 2nd press of their demonstration CD, will re-release Eclipse as a proper single, and will freely distribute another unreleased song via Like an Edison.



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    • Seraphim 2013-11-21 22:07:25
      Their special free song is named 'fake apple?'

      Their special free song is named 'fake apple?'

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