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Tatoeba Konna Hanashi updates

Tatoeba Konna Hanashi updates
  • Guitarist Niwa Kousuke (仁和 恒介) temporarily paused band activities on 2014-09-21 due to his spontaneous pneumothorax (自然気胸). He was able to return on 2014-10-29―however, on 2014-11-30 his symptoms reappeared and so the band will continue with only 3 members for now.

  • Vocalist Sanada Ren (真田 廉) mentioned in his locked blog post that he wonders if guitarist Niwa Kousuke will return at all... Niwa Kousuke might be demoted to support member only, or replaced with support members, as the band needs at least one guitarist.

  • Sanada Ren also mentioned that the band's first anniversary oneman on 2015-02-21 is not selling very well.

  • Beginning on 2014-11-20, those who reserved tickets for 2014-12-21 twoman received demo + bonus track CD-R will be sold.

  • 5,000 yen purchase privilege on 2014-11-30 was comment DVD-R or 2014-11-12 live DVD-R.

  • At 2014-12-02 live at Ash OSAKA, customers who spent 5,000 yen could receive 2014-10-30 live DVD or 2014-11-12 live DVD. New photosets were also sold there.

  • Their December stampcard campaign began on 2014-12-02. Those who receive 5 stamps (go to 5 lives) within the month will receive a new song demo CD-R. Those who receive 6 stamps will receive hatsumoude (初詣)―I guess there will be a band + fan trip to a shrine in 2015.



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