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Taku MEMORIAL DAY report

The memorial event for ex-HEISEI ISHIN (平成維新) vocalist Taku (拓), who passed away two years ago, was just held on December 10th. It seems that the event was memorable and went really well. I thought I'd share the setlists and a few pictures from the event, just as a little reminder of Taku (whose birthday will be tomorrow, December 13th!).

  • *N@H- ※ /N@H/ is the “second stage” of HEISEI ISHIN, formed by members YUKKIE (ユッキー) and RAI (ライ). They're quite good, and enjoying success right now!

    1. Prism. (/HEISEI ISHIN/ cover)
  • *Oneness- ※ /Oneness/ is the new band of ex-Anjyu' (former band of HEISEI ISHIN bassist yoshi) vocalist JUKI (ジュキ). This was their first live!

    1. IKASAMA Speakers (イカサマSpeakers)
    2. LOST WORLD (/HEISEI ISHIN/ cover)
    3. Hankou Koemei (反抗声命)
  • carat (カラット)
  • /carat/ is the new band of ex-ClearVeil (label-mate of HEISEI ISHIN) members.

    1. SWIMMY (スイミー) (/HEISEI ISHIN/ cover)
    2. Renaiteki Sensou (恋愛的戦争)
    3. Utageuta (宴歌)
    4. Wasurenai (忘れない)
  • *FUTURISM・BOYZ- ※ /Arc/ (previous band of FUTURISM・BOYZ) was a label-mate of HEISEI ISHIN.

    1. Ruru~Ruru~ (縷々~るる~) (/HEISEI ISHIN/ cover)
  • *NEGA- ※ /NEGA/ was a label-mate of HEISEI ISHIN.

    1. Kakera (破片) (/HEISEI ISHIN/ cover)
  • Enya Tomoyuki (塩谷 朋之)
  • He's a member of 12012, which was a label-mate of HEISEI ISHIN. He performed as a solo project, but was backed on guitar and drums by members of JILLED RAY (the drummer of which was in Taku's first band).

    1. Endless voyage (/HEISEI ISHIN/ cover)
  • HEISEI ISHIN (平成維新)
  • The 4 members appeared in HEISEI ISHIN's last costumes (from the REVOLUTIONS era), along with a large picture of Taku as the backdrop. For most songs, they played with Taku's recording―but in the middle, Taku's brother Kinari (生成) provided vocals for a few songs!! According to the members, his vocals and physical movements were strikingly similar.
    2. LOST WORLD -MC03. Microburst
    3. explosion
    4. good morning Human -MC06. Prism. (featuring Kinari) -MC07. 縷々~るる~ (Ruru~Ruru~) (featuring Kinari)
    5. Endless voyage (featuring Kinari)
    6. SWIMMY (スイミー)
    7. Kanka (干戈) (encore)

<a class=HEISEI ISHIN featuring Kinari at Taku MEMORIAL DAY" />

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