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Site update: member profiles

Site update: member profiles

Hey guyz, I updated the member profiles a bit (^^♪ For instance, you can view mine here.

Not that they really matter on a small site like this, but the profiles were bothering me, so I redid them ;) They should now be a bit more helpful and a bit less ugly.

In addition to cosmetic changes, I've given you the ability to choose a custom header image for your profile―just select which artist you'd like from the “header artist” dropdown on the edit account page. Otherwise, it'll be random. I've also added a spot for your tumblr username. (By the way, I'll probably improve the edit account page page sometime in the future, but for now: it works.)

On top of that, I've reformed the collection/library that appears on your page if you own any UCP releases. You can now check out some cute stats on the side of the page―stats such as how much money you've wasted, if you bought everything at suggested retail price 8D. And, most importantly, I've added a ~rareness quotient~, which is a pretty much arbitrary and useless attempt at estimating how many rarez you have. Don't take it seriously, but I think it's cute❤

Anyway, that's all for now.

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