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Site update 8/12

Just want to go over some of the updates that have been made around here since the site refresh:


Several changes have been made to the image system here. First, there's automatic compressing and resizing in place, which should make certain pages load much faster and save everyone some bandwidth.

Second, users who upload images now have the option of marking them “weloveucp.com exclusive.” This is for situations when a user has purchased a release/photo and scanned it themselves, with the sole intention of uploading it to this site. When an image is marked “exclusive,” the full size version is given a small watermark in the lower right corner, and is available only in jpg quality. The unedited file is still retained, and is visible to those who have VIP accounts.

I think this is the best way to get some credit for the many images on this site which were expensive to obtain, and to avoid serving huge 10mb png images to someone who doesn't care that much. That said, I'm still open to suggestions/improvements. (All images also have a “credit” field now, but I haven't coded a way for it to display yet.)


  • The full member list is back up, and is now filterable.
  • Member profiles are back up--e.g. inartistic--and the “collection” section should load much more quickly than in the past. Also, the completely made-up and irrelevant “rareness quotient” is back \:D/
  • Member profiles (well, only mine so far) now have a “looking for” box in the collection section... See the next section of this post.

More updates to come regarding user accounts.


  • Ever since the last update, bands' discographies have been filterable and sortable.
  • Releases can be “collected” again. If you're signed in, just click the “I own this” button, and that release will show up on your user profile under the “collection” section.
  • You can also now mark a release as “wanted.” This is for releases that you want--whether that means you're looking for a copy to buy, or whatever. Releases that you mark as “wanted” will show up in the “looking for” section of your user profile.
  • Each release now displays a list of people who “want” it. So if you have a copy of a release to sell, it might be beneficial to check that release's page :0

This is my idea of fun #sad


  • There's now an “artist of the day” feature on the main page. It's completely random, so be sure to tune in every day(???).
  • Lots of bug squishing & various refinement, thanks to reports from several awesome users.



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