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SHAPE SHIFTER's New Single "Torikago"

SHAPE SHIFTER's New Single "Torikago"

In spite of their bassist seceding, SHAPE SHIFTER is moving ahead with activities and announced the release of their new single [鳥籠 (Torikago)][1].

This single will be released on June 20th for 1,000 yen at HOLIDAY SHINJUKU. However, sales are limited to lives-only, so this may be a bit more difficult to find if you're interested in collecting their discography. The silver lining, however, is that since it is being sold at shows, rather than distributed freely, it will be available until copies sell out.

Additionally, the band will have their first birthday live entitled "目黒月下雷鳴(meguro gekka raimei)" at Meguro Rock May Kan on August 9th. :cake_emoji:



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