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Se'ikspia revival

Se'ikspia revival

Se'ikspia―a wonderful Kansai-based band that was briefly produced by UNDER CODE PRODUCTION―will hold their (limited?) revival, 13 years later!

Se'ikspia disbanded on 2003-12-31, but will hold their revival live on 2016-01-24 at Nanba (難波) ROCKETS. The original members―V. RUKA, G. TAISUKE, B. JUYA, and D. KAI―will participate. (B. SETSUKI, who seceded from the band, will be absent.)

the WORLD~Kako to MIrai wo Tsumugu Monogatari~

  • Se'ikspia (revival live)
  • VAL†IX†LIA (revival live)
  • Yamazato Yusaku (山里 優作)
  • sweeter one
  • ONE o ONE
  • GOD BLESS (session)
  • 29 (TSUGU) [ONE o ONE] (MC)

Btw, the band doesn't specify, but I suspect it will be a very limited revival (eg. one day only, or 2016-limited).



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