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REALies album samples, distributed DVD, and more

REALies has posted previews of all the songs from their upcoming album Drama. Watch/listen below:

The band has also announced that a special privilege DVD will be distributed at their 2014-08-08 oneman to those who present ticket stubs from either of their previous 2014-08-02 or 2014-08-03 oneman lives. The DVD contains the “punishment” footage from the GOEMON RECORDS futsal tournament, at which the losing team had to do the Momoiro dance (もも○ロダンス). The DVD also contains making footage of the STEP▲BY▼STEP PV.

REALies will participate in a twoman with DEZERT, 「DEZERT party vol.11」 -Manatsu no 1ban Shoubu- (「DEZERT party vol.11」 -真夏の1番勝負-), on 2014-08-26 at Shibuya (渋谷) Star Lounge.

Finally, REALies and ARLEQUIN (アルルカン) will participate in this GOEMON RECORDS presents live―which, to be completely honest, I don't understand at all, so I'll just reprint it verbatim:

GOEMON RECORDS DYNAMITE SUMMER presents Yukata de PON! (浴衣でポン!)

【ghost story】

  • Narrator: TOILET's Ritsuko

【opening act guest】

  • Natsuo 2014 (夏男 2014)
  • 【V. Sumidagawa Haruo (隅田川 春男) / V. Kandagawa Noboru (神田川 のぼる) / G. Ise Naohira (伊勢 なおひら) / B. Matsudaira Ken (松平 健) / D. Hiyashichuuka Hajime (冷やし中華 はじめ) / TEKIya: Shou (祥)

※ They'll sing popular summer songs? I guess?



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