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Paranoid≠circuS and BEST BROTHERS updates

So, PARANOID≠CIRCUS is the band of ex-SUZAKU (朱) roadies, and THE BEST BROTHERS is the band of ex-Dali roadies. Here's a roundup of the latest news from both:

  • PARANOID≠CIRCUS drummer YUSURA (ユスラ) was in an accident earlier in May and has found it mentally distressing to continue band activities while recovering. As such, he has seceded from the band as of 2014-05-21.

  • Despite the member loss, PARANOID≠CIRCUS will release their 2nd single, Chingonka (鎮魂歌), through ELE-MUSIC on 2014-07-09.

  • THE BEST BROTHERS will disband on 2014-07-23.

The band had paused activities last year due to the retirement of guitarist SATO→ (サト→), but had finally revived on 2014-03-24 under the name BES BRO (ベスブラ). However, the band admits that they still found it difficult to continue without SATO→, and thus have decided to formally disband in July.


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