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Roundup 4/3

Here's a bunch of news that I've neglected to post:

Some time ago, GIGAMOUS had announced that vocalist Shiki (式) would secede on 2017-03-31, and the band would pause activities afterward.

On February 27th, Shiki failed to appear at a rehearsal for the next day's live, and suddenly stopped replying to the other members' messages. After consulting Shiki's family, the band decided to say that he would be missing the February 28th live performance due to influenza.

On March 2nd, the band received word via Shiki's family that he would not appear at any of the band's other lives. Shiki is considered to have seceded as of that day.

Guitarist YUKKIE (ユッキー) acted as vocalist for the band's remaining lives.

Former Matina band vellaDonna held a one-day revival yesterday (April 2nd) at live event Jaaku Shigen Seitan Matsuri (邪悪四弦生誕祭) at Minamihorie (南堀江) SOCORE FACTORY. Vocalist SEEK, guitarist TAKO, and bassist GOMA appeared.

Also appearing were VAZM, which features ex-MIRAGE guitarist YAYOI, and unknown;RE, which features ex-EzeːquL guitarist Q-La (玖蘭). VulgaRize, who once appeared on a Matina omnibus, also held a one-day revival.

A sticker was freely distributed to attendees.

Former Soleil band Vasalla (覇叉羅) will hold a one-day revival on May 27th!

Their live, Haou Gaisen ~Ezo Juurinhen~ (覇王凱旋~蝦夷蹂躙編~), will be held as part of sapporo mixed up night 2017 at Sapporo (札幌) Crazy Monkey.

Attendees who mention that they've come to see Vasalla will receive a DVD with unspecified live footage.

ex-La'Mule ~ Vasalla ~ WITH SEXY band NightingeiL will “rebuild” on 2017-07-27 at Ikebukuro (池袋) BlackHole. Former bassist MUKUI (ムクイ) has been replaced by Zero (零) [ex-Kar'MariA~Hi:BRiD, etc.].

It's unclear if this is a one-day revival or something more permanent.

For April Fool's Day, chariots announced their chariots-special-edition bicycle, lol.


Bassist Tomo (朋) [12012, More] has announced that he'll participate in TAKE NO BREAK, the new solo project of NIGHTMARE vocalist YOMI.


  • V. YOMI [NIGHTMARE, etc.]
  • G. U.K
  • B. Tomo (朋) [ex-Mist of Rouge, 12012, More, etc.]
  • D. DEATHO (デスヲ) [P.I.MONSTER, etc.]

The band will hold their first live, Demonstration~Rei~ (Demonstration~零~), on 2017-07-11 at Sendai (仙台) MACANA, and their second, Demonstration~Ichi~ (Demonstration~壱~), on 2017-07-14 at Shimokitazawa (下北沢) GARDEN.

They'll release a live-limited version of their first maxi-single (for which Tomo has participated in the composition of 2 songs) at the lives, with a mail-order-limited version released sometime later in the month.

TAKE NO BREAK seems to be signed to a new label called Forty-Three,inc. Their first look is a collaboration with ugly fashion brand BACKBONE.

By the way, Tomo wanted to make sure everyone knows: it's not “Tomo (ex-12012)”!

SHAPE SHIFTER will disband

SHAPE SHIFTER will shift into disbandment.

The band announced on their twitter that they will disband after their live in Shibuya Club Asia on September 29. It doesn't come as a surprise since they've been rather quiet and have only released collaboration singles with other bands. Other than that, their live schedule is packed up until that time and they have recently started touring alongside REVINE.

Let's hope this means Z will be fully devoting his activities to Moi dix Mois and getting that goddamn album out already. 🙏

Lilith will disband

Chinese visual-kei band, Lilith, have announced that they will disband after their live at Shanghai Yuyintang on April 23.

Obviously, this is a big blow to the country's visual-kei scene, which was practically nonexistent when guitarist Lin first formed the band. However, bands like Scarlet Horizon are still around, so there's a plus. As Lin details in his blog, he says that member differences contributed to their decision to disband, which trace all the way back to last October. He also details how he was able to achieve his dream of forming a band in China, thus merging China and Japan together, and talks about his future as a musician. Luckily he doesn't plan to retire as he's obviously also part of Affective Synergy. 👌

PENTAGON new album announced!

PENTAGON will release their third full album, WANDERLUST, in two types on June 14!


  1. (unannounced song)
  2. (unannounced song)
  3. (unannounced song)
  4. (unannounced song)
  5. (unannounced song)
  6. (unannounced song)
  7. (unannounced song)
  8. (unannounced song)
  9. (unannounced song)
  10. (offshot)
  11. (special footage)


  1. (unannounced song)
  2. (unannounced song)
  3. (unannounced song)
  4. (unannounced song)
  5. (unannounced song)
  6. (unannounced song)
  7. (unannounced song)
  8. (unannounced song)
  9. (unannounced song)
  10. (unannounced song)
  11. (unannounced song)
  12. (unannounced song)

The band has also announced an accompanying 47-stop nationwide tour, WANDER:LAST, starting on 2017-06-17 at Takadanobaba (高田馬場) AREA.

A men's only live will be held on 2017-06-18 at Takadanobaba (高田馬場) AREA, at which the members will greet attendees with “fighting spirit” at the entrance (I think), and will freely distribute a CD(?) tentatively titled Otokouta(Kari) (漢唄(仮)) {“men's song”}.

Guitarist Yutori (ゆとり) will hold his birthday live, 『YUTORI EXPO 2017 in NAGOYA』 ~Ano Hi Tobidashita kono Machi ga Tadashikatta~ (『YUTORI EXPO 2017 in NAGOYA』 ~あの日飛び出したこの街が正しかった~), though details are TBA.

Finally, a tour final and birthday celebration for bassist minpha (眠花) will be held on 2017-11-22 at Nippon Seinenkan (日本青年館).

PENTAGON will also release two live DVDs next month, but I'll make a separate post about that.

DEEP MORE DEEP #5 tracklist revealed!

The tracklist for the latest DEEP MORE DEEP omnibus has been revealed! Fortunately, the CD features new songs from each band!!


  2. Getsuyoubi
  4. I eat sickness【case2】
  5. Mōmoku no Kase
  6. Taion
  7. Desire -Bloom in the Hell-
  8. CULT
  9. Brand New Days

Lack-co. Releases New Music Video

Random Button-kei band Lack-co. has recently released the music video for their upcoming single, "粘着型クレイジーソルト入りクッキー." Unlike their previous featured tracks, this one is pretty...normal?

Many people were taken aback by Lack-co.'s previous single's abrupt musical shifts, as well as their exceedingly vibrant costumes, but it looks like for this installment the band is dialing it down a few notches and aren't rolling over the Mac counter at Sephora before a photo shoot (at least, for now).

How do you feel about this direction versus their original two releases?

As of 3/14, we still do not have previews of the other tracks on this single, so there very well may be a return of their signature genre-potpourri style. Lack-co.'s new single drops tomorrow.


  1. Koujin ni Zonjimasu。
  2. Camaro69'
  3. Metsubou BLUES


  1. Ningen Hakurankai
  2. Camaro69'
  3. Metsubou BLUES
  4. Metsubou BLUES (PV)
  5. (offshot)

MARCO new best-album, "Ana Futatsu" + release tour

As their latest single, Henjin Kikou, was released today, Marco also made a surprising announcement: a best-album, Ana Futatsu (穴二つ), is already in the works!

The compilation album, blantantly coined as "Two Holes" (gross), comes in two types: "Hannyaban" (般若盤)(type A) and "Okameban" (おかめ盤) (type B). What makes this even more surprising is that, not only will all their songs be featured (except Henjin Kikou of course), but will also feature their previous live-distributed releases and unreleased songs! Since this is a nationwide release, say goodbye to hunting down Marco ~rarez~ at the auctions (if you exclude their purchase privilege DVDs)!! 👍👍👍


  1. 9mm Go Round
  2. Kirin
  3. 「」Fudou
  5. Soutaisei Kanjouron
  6. Hai to Batsu
  7. Uzumaki
  8. Torikago Aijin
  10. Sono Yami ni Ame Ari


  1. Amaji
  2. Miwaku DROPS
  3. Makka na Kuchibiru no Neko
  4. Kimi wa Hitsuji Ikita Tsuki
  5. Shakai・Mado~No communication~
  6. MMNS
  7. Komorebi Sanka
  8. Amesansan
  9. Haitoku to Lingerie
  10. Chain Heat

As this came up literally in the middle of nowhere, let's hope that this is a sign of good things to come for Marco!! 🤞🤞🤞 Their new artist photo does look a lot more professional than usual after all!

In addition to the best-album's release, Marco will celebrate by sponsoring their twoman tour, 「螺旋二人羽織〜密室の業〜」 (Rasen Nininbaori 〜misshitsu no gō〜) for the remainder of June. The announced dates are displayed below:

  • 6/8 at Takadanobaba AREA (w/ Otomekokka (乙女国家), THE NOSTRADAMNZ, IGGY, Tsukiyo no Zaregoto (ツキ酔ノ戯レ言), & Kurenai ku some matta kioku (紅ク染マッタ記憶))
  • 6/15 at Sendai SPACE ZERO (bands tba)
  • 6/16 at Niigata club riverst (w/ DIE'LIZE)
  • 6/22 at Osaka LIVE HOUSE D' (w/ HOLYCLOCK)
  • 6/25 at (tba)

On their tour final (6/25), the band will distribute a live-limited CD, Kinrandonsu (金襴緞子) to all visitors, and they will also have an important announcement...I hope it will be good. ;w;


  1. Kinrandonsu

David support members revealed

David appeared as the opening act at a live today, and hence his support members (at least for now) have been revealed:

  • Support G. erina [ex-SALLY~Dio~etc.]
  • Support G. HI-NA [ex-SaTaN~etc.]
  • Support B. Jin (迅) [chariots]
  • Support D. Sho (匠) [ex-UnsraW~etc.]

Also, 美堂-BIDOH-, the vocalist of ELYSION, acted as roadie!

That “David pose”..... And didn't WING WORKS do the same finger symbol? 😅😅

Ashley first mini-album

Ashley (ex-Cu[be] vocalist's new band) has announced their first mini-album!

Tsugisetsu [TriCk] STAR (継接[TriCk]スター) will be released on 2017-04-03, though it's not yet clear whether the CD will be available in most stores. It seems to feature 4 songs plus an SE, and previews have already been released:


  1. Chouzetsu Otome-tic TSUNDERE Shoujou

Notice the use of a vocaloid backing track--kind of unique!

By the way, Ashley has a few other songs that will still need to be released:

  • Haiki Shoujo R (廃棄少女R)
  • PARALLEL PALETTE (パラレルパレット)
  • Dai2shu HERO Shoukougun (第二種ヒーロー症候群)

Someone describe it as Cu[be] with more synth, and I basically agree... Unfortunately, the lead composer of Cu[be] isn't involved in this band, so I don't think the compositions sound as nice. But, I'll still buy it for sure!