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Support drummer Youichi will join Lucifer's underground

Support drummer Youichi (陽一), who has performed with Lucifer's underground since October 2016, will join the band at their 2nd anniversary oneman live on March 30! This comes as Butterfly syndrome, another band he does support for, will pause activities just a few days later.

Here's the rest of the band's live schedule so far:

MARCO releases samples of "Henjin Kikou"

With only a day left till the release day, Marco has released samples from their latest single, Henjin Kikou (変人奇行)! Also included at the end is live footage of one of the band's performances!

Whatcha think? This totally sounds different than their usual stuff, hence the name itself x) I'll try my hardest to snatch this from the auctions!

Devil Kitty's バンギャル最終兵器 Details Revealed

Earlier this morning (in EST, that is), DEVIL KITTY released the full music video for their upcoming single. Shortly after, they also uploaded a preview of the other two songs.


  1. BAND GIRL Saishu Heiki
  2. Barabara
  3. BAND GIRL Saishu Heiki (PV)


  1. BAND GIRL Saishu Heiki
  2. Barabara
  3. Murasaki Sou

The first video's description also contains the track list for both types of the single. Interestingly enough, the bonus track on type-B appears to be a cover from Yuuga's solo project.

NEiN 1st mini album [DeRACINE] trailer

NEiN released their 1st album at 2017/01/11 Details below


  • 標的 (Hyōteki)
  • 極彩色・螺旋 (Gokusaishoku rasen)
  • 奈落 (Naraku)
  • メメント (Memento)
  • 冬の蜃気楼 (Fuyu no shinkirō)
  • 暁ニ謳エバ (Akatsuki ni?eba)

CD is available via

  • lives
  • NEiN official webstore
  • disk Union
  • HMV
  • CDJapan


  • Live venue: CD with one song "Craving (the FUZZ / the LUST cover)"
  • Official online store CD with one song "暁ニ謳エバ (unpublished studio live version)"
  • Disk Union all-store: a DVD special edition studio live ver. of the song"未来"
  • Tower Records, HMV, CDJapan: Original IC card sticker


David in Paris + lineup theories

At the tail-end of their European tour, Versailles held their live at La Machine du Moulin Rouge in Paris, France on February 5th. Not only did the band end their tour there, but they ended it with a bang - specifically, a surprise appearance by none other than David himself!

Only the year before did Sui take a summer trip to Paris during his temporary break from music, but this time, he was able to take the stage on his own as he performed his only song, GENESIS, to his newfound audience. After the show, music cards were distributed to attendees and with the help of a unique password, the song GENESIS could be downloaded in full-length; Sui later posted the song on his new Facebook account for those who didn't go to the live and asked for feedback. The only other request was to not post the song on Youtube.

I'm definitely looking forward to GENESIS's official release, whenever that'll be!!

In other news, it's since been announced that David will perform at Versailles bassist MASASHI's birthday live, "Dark Matter Party", at Shin-Yokohama (新横浜) NEW SIDE BEACH on April 25. Speaking of MASASHI, it has been rumoured that he and YUKI (Versailles drummer) took part in recording GENESIS; this has not yet been confirmed. However, Erina (ex-TRIGGAH, Dio) has announced on Twitter that he played guitar for David's token song.

It is not yet known if these three are already supporting members, whether long or short-term, but if they are, the possibility of a reunion between Sui and Misery (ex- LIN, Megaromania) may have already been eradicated.

PARANOID≠CIRCUS vocalist injured

PARANOID≠CIRCUS has cancelled their February 23rd live at Shibuya (渋谷) REX, due to vocalist Garu (我儿) fracturing his heel bone.

During the band's February 14th live at Shinsaibashi (心斎橋) FANJ twice, Garu (我儿) apparently leapt from the second floor balcony, and fractured his left heel bone upon landing. For now, only one live is being cancelled while he heals, but others may be cancelled in the future.

Btw, you can see where he jumped from (red balcony, in the back right of the photo) in this tweet from some random musician:

Kentz (ex-chariots, etc) passes away

On 2017-02-08, at 01:16, Kentz (ケンツ) passed away. He had been battling cancer for 5 years.

Kentz was drummer in the bands Le:view, Mars, Lusus, Sepia, 「Aya」 (「あゃ」), TONE NOTE (トオンノヲト), and GeNe. He also acted as support drummer for vellaDonna and chariots. Most recently, he had acted as roadie for La'cryma Christi drummer LEVIN, and had founded his own label, Candy Vox Music.

Kentz knew that his cancer was terminal, but he lived much longer than initial prognoses forecasted.

In 2012, he held his “life's last live”, which was sponsored by KISAKI and UNDER CODE PRODUCTION. Details about the event can be found here and here.

➡ The announcement of Kentz' passing at his official blog

2月8日午前1時16分 ケンツが息を引き取りました。

約5年半闘い続けてきました。 ガイドラインの全ての治療法を終え、武器となる抗がん剤を使い果たしたケンツ。 1月12日に緊急入院してからもずっと闘い続けてきました。 ベッドに横たわるケンツに医師から放射線治療に関するリスクと効果の見込みを再確認したところ 「この状態をなんとかしたいから賭けたいです」という答えでした。

ケンツが頑張ってこられたのは、皆様の応援も大変大きな支えになったと思います。 今まで応援して下さった方々、関係者の方々に心より御礼申し上げます。


Rest in peace, Kentz.

More Announces More Music

UCP veterans More have announced the release of several new CDs up until the summer of this year.

The first is a new mini-album entitled "Crew." This CD will contain 5 new songs and is set to come out this March.


  1. Nautilus
  2. bottom circus
  3. Scar
  4. Boushitsu no Hibi ni Mau Hane
  5. seize the day

Samples of the upcoming CD can be found here:

In addition to this mini-album, More will also be releasing two new live-sold singles. The first is called "in desert," and it will be sold for 1000 yen at three of their free one-man shows as part of their "SALVATION PARADIGMA" tour.


  1. in desert

The second single, "Tameiki," will be released at their one-man show "THE SALVATION CREW." As this show is not free, it can be assumed that this single will be freely distributed.


  1. Tameki

Song names for both singles will be updated as they become available.

Thank you to Shaolan @ MH for organizing all of this information!

AVANCHICK to disband

AVANCHICK has suddenly announced that they intend to disband in Autumn 2017.

The members have already posted statements about it, but they're mostly inconsequential--the closest thing to a reason for the disbandment is NOAH's statement that there's a “gap” between his goals and the reality of the band's activities so far.

The band's last live will be held somewhere in Tokyo (東京), but further details are TBA.

A statement like NOAH's would normally imply (in my opinion) that the band isn't making enough money. That said, they just started their second oneman tour, and it runs until April, so it seems a bit early to decide whether it's a “failure” or not... And they'd just finished their first oneman tour, and held a successful oneman at BLITZ--which was filmed, meaning they have a future live DVD to collect some cash with. If I recall correctly, NOAH was also recently talking about trying to tour overseas.

Long story short, that's not the profile of a band who's going to disband soon (and who announces a disbandment 9 months early anyway?).

In my opinion, there are 3 possibilities:

  1. NOAH has been headhunted for some higher-profile project (I did get the feeling, from the members' comments, NOAH seemed the least affected).
  2. They really were riding on money from ROCKSTAR RECORDS bands, and they don't want to continue now that funds have dried up (but if that were the case, why wouldn't they disband much sooner?).
  3. All members will return under a new name or something (the members' comments don't seem optimistic enough, imo, but who knows?).


Of course, all of the above is just conjecture. What do you think?

Omnibus (and cancelled event) for Matina's 20th anniversary

This year will mark the 20th anniversary of the founding of Matina.

According to a tweet from KISAKI, he had planned a live event to mark the milestone--unfortunately, it seems that the event was cancelled before it could even be announced... (If that's true, it sucks to know that his scandal last year is probably preventing a bunch of cool reunions :/)

There's a bit of a bright side, at least: a Matina omnibus planned for the event is now available through the LIN official web shop instead. RARE TRACK COLLECTIONZ features 16 remastered Matina songs (12 artists in total), and is available now.


  2. Rinne Tensei
  3. CECIL
  4. Kagami no Naka de ×××
  5. Kamigakushi no Yoru
  7. Moonlight Serenade
  8. Wing of Sepia
  9. Kowareta OMOCHA
  10. ~se rebeiller~
  11. Hakumu・Kokumu no Kyousou Kyouya
  12. Kuse
  13. Hakuchuumu no Sangeki
  15. NoroWARESHI Hana NO Seimei・・・

A two-copy-limited Matina lucky bag will be available in February, and will feature an exclusive Matina live DVD from 2000-05-27 at Nagoya (名古屋) BOTTOM LINE.

I really wish a Matina reunion event could have been held ;___;