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Otake in A to Z session

ex-CindyKate (シンディケイト) guitarist Otake (おたけ) will appear in a session band called Jin no Settai BAND (仁の接待バンド) 【V. TAKASHI (A→Z.) / G. Otake (ex-CindyKate) / D. Jin (A→Z.) / G.&B. TBA】 on 2014-02-19 at A→Z.'s sponsored event.

By the way, Otake, TAKASHI, and Jin will perform together two other times:

  • 2013-12-20 - JACK・THE・RIPPER (ジャック・ザ・リッパー) 【V. TAKASHI (A→Z.) / G. YOSHITO (ヨシト) (ex-SAINTIA (セインティア)) / G. Otake (ex-CindyKate) / B. Masumi (真純) (ex-POPCORE) / D. Jin (A→Z.)】

  • 2013-12-09 - Otake SAN BAND (おたけSANバンド) 【V. TAKASHI (A→Z.) / G. SAN (ex-NEGA) / G. Otake (ex-CindyKate) / B. Yuuki (RESULT) / D. Jin (A→Z.)】



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