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New band: Lack-co.

New band: Lack-co.

ex-NEGA ~ Black Gene For the Next Scene guitarist SAN has announced his next band: Lack-co. (ラッコ)!

The is signed to GLK MUSIC, the record label of ex-VIDOLL ~ Black Gene For the Next Scene bassist RAME (ラメ). According to him, although the band's name gives a cute image (ラッコ means “sea otter”), they are quite opposite to that name. Hopefully that means we can expect something dark and NEGA-ish 🤘

Unfortunately, no other information about the band is available... But their OHP is counting down to midnight on September 15th, at which point more will be announced. You can also follow their Twitter account or blog in the mean time.

By the way, BLaive is also signed to GLK MUSIC. It's great to know that RAME is still producing other bands.



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