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Mischievous announces 2nd single

Mischievous announces 2nd single

Mischievous has announced their second single, [sickman][1], for release on 2016-01-13.

The single will be available at lives and at visual shops little HEARTS. and fiveStars. If I understand correctly, those who purchase through little HEARTS. will receive a bonus CD-R of bassist 絆-kizuna- singing an original song, and those who purchase through fiveStars will receive one of guitarist yuuho (優歩). By the way, the band uploaded full tracks from their previous single, /AZALEA/, to their YouTube channel.

Mischievous' first anniversary (even though they technically formed in Jan of 2014!) sponsored event, joker's anthem, will be held on 2016-01-21 at HOLIDAY OSAKA.



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