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Misaki joins Rizu, makes “visual idol” debut

Misaki joins Rizu, makes “visual idol” debut

As of December 1, new guitarist Misaki (美沙輝) has joined Rizu.

Rizu is a time-limited band that formed in September of this year under king zeebra, the record label founded by ex-SUZAKU frontman ituki (樹). They perform with a “student” theme, and already have their “graduation” set for March 21 of next year--after which they will likely start activity as an official band.

Misaki (美沙輝), who has been acting as support guitarist for the band, has somewhat suddenly joined them as a “transfer student.”

Misaki (美沙輝) is a guitarist who has been active in the minor scene for a few years. The only reason that I'm already familiar with him is that--as you might guess from his name--he seems to be a fan of KISAKI and MIZALY (ex-Megaromania~LIN).

Previous to this, he was active in the small bands Hito≒Re≒Goto (独≠Re≠言 -貴方ノ生キル道ニ導ヲ-) and AiDeal.

Most recently, Misaki (美沙輝) signed with buzz splash., the idol-management sister-label to king zeebra. His one-man “VISUAL+IDOL=,,,V'DOL?!” project is called Chinameyulu。 (血舐めゆる。), and its first live will be held on December 27.


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