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Minor news roundup 9/2

Here's the latest roundup of minor news:

  • PENTAGON will appear in the following media outlets:

    • Radio program REDNIQS on 2015-08-31
  • Fashion magazine smart October edition

  • Free paper VR Virtual Reality vol.038 </li>

AVANCHICK will appear in Free paper EvoL'v vol.6.

VARYL members appeared in a session band on 2015-08-25:- Shikito SESSION (織人セッション)- 【V. Siyu [ex-GLIEVE] / G. Tomo (友) [ex-A→Z] / G. Hinano。 (ひなの。) [VARYL support] / B. Yuto (侑斗) [LeviuS] / D. Shikito (織人) [VARYL]】

FAZ (the reincarnation of Matina band Facizm [aka Philia]) recently gained two new members: G. mitsuru / D. TAKAHIRO. The remaining members also changed their names:- V. toshia → ToshiA / G. SHINYA (シンヤ) → SHINYA / B. kappy → KATSUHISA

  • At Lucifer's underground's 2015-09-01 event, Shisakupj≠617■2 (試作pj≠617■2) was replaced by RARARAIBU (ララライブ).

  • On 2015-11-18, AVANCHICK and Dead Children members will participate in a session band:- liki BIRTHDAY SESSION (莉希-liki-BIRTHDAYセッション)- 【V. 莉希-liki- [Synk;yet] / G. Sin (秦) [Minerva] / G. Noah [AVANCHICK] / B. Ray [Dead Children] / D. SAKU [VAASTU]】

PENTAGON have released new rubber wristbands designed by minpha (眠花).

  • As of 2015-09-01, AVANCHICK fans are officially called “Moumoku Shoujo (盲目少女)” (blind girls).

Tatoeba Konna Hanashi put up more items for mail-order.



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