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Minor news roundup 8/7

Minor news roundup featuring ARLEQUIN, ISORA, Lilith, and REALies:


  • アルルカン reached #2 on the ORICON indie single charts with Hakaana! Good job!

  • アルルカン's collaboration t-shirts with Grieva (グリーヴァ) sold out in just a few days! They're making additional shirts for sale after 2014-08-10.

  • ISORA guitarist 空-ciel has posted his official comment about his being fired from the band. To summarize, he agrees with their decision, apologizes, and thanks fans. Any future updates will be at his old blog.

  • Lilith successfully completed their 5th oneman! It seems that they debuted new costumes and 3 new songs at the live... let's look forward to [hopefully] more news after their upcoming 6th oneman.

  • On 2014-09-01 at Ikebukuro (池袋) EDGE, REALies guitarist Ritsu (律) will perform in a session:
  • KAMIKIDA FAMILIA (カミキダファミリア) 【V. Kamiki Mihal (神木 壬晴) \[Blitz] / G. Ritsu [REALies] / G. N∀O [REALies\] (added 8/10) / B. Mikado (帝) \[Oneness\] (added 8/10) / D. Yuuki (ゆーき) [Awake]】



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