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Minor news roundup 5/9

Here's some recent minor news:

Tatoeba Konna Hanashi will hold a sponsored event on 2015-06-19:

Shimesu EMOTION 3

  • Tatoeba Konna Hanashi as NOBEL LABEL (ノベルラベル)
  • CARDIA (カルディア)
  • AL
  • MEBIUS (メビウス)
  • Crucifixion
  • Scully
  • -Shintenchikaibyaku Shuudan- ZIGZAG (-真天地開闢集団-ジグザグ) (announced 2015-06-05)
  • MEBICK (メビック) 【V. Nanase Yu (七瀬 夕) [Gimmick.]
  • G. SHIGE. [Gimmick.]
  • B. Ryo [MEBIUS (メビウス)]
  • D. yato [ex-LICKER]】

ARLEQUIN will appear in the July edition of Men's SPIDER, to be released on 2015-05-25.

Oneness posted a privilege list for their upcoming final single, GO!!.

LIN, ARLEQUIN, and PENTAGON will appear in VR Virtual Reality vol.034.

REALies' 2015-06-20 and 2015-06-21 sponsored events are sold out!

REALies has new goods featuring the slogan “I DID IT MY WAY”. They were designed by Ritsu and look pretty cool!! </li>



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