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Minor news roundup 4/27

The latest minor news from ARLEQUIN, Black Gene For the Next Scene, LIN, PENTAGON, REALies, Tatoeba Konna Hanashi, and the:Ø:

Black Gene For the Next Scene uploaded the full PV for their new song Uragaeri (裏返り):

  • I added lyrics for LIN's latest single, Memento-Mori.


    1. Memento-Mori
    2. Cross Pageant
    3. Forbidden
    4. Memento-Mori ~Scene of curtain fall...~

  • In TYPE:C of PENTAGON's new single, Shounen WALTZ (少年ワルツ), the bonus track ANEMONE (アネモネ) was misprinted as Suisai (水彩). GOEMON RECORDS apologizes for the mistake.

REALies vocalist Rayka has produced his own clothing brand, MY/WAY. The first item of the collection is a shirt called “-DROWN ME-”, which he designed. The size-free shirt will be sold at lives beginning on 2015-04-28 for 3,500 yen. Check it out [here](https://

  • At their 2015-04-29 live, Tatoeba Konna Hanashi [performing under the name NOBEL LABEL (ノベルラベル)] will release a demo of “new song 5” (awarded to those who spend 5,000 yen on goods).

  • Recently-disbanded the:Ø has re-opened their web shop after their previous drama, and is selling limited quantities of their last mini-album, cold /the:Øry. I bought a copy, so I'll share it here if it's not available any more...


    1. When I see the elephantman fly
    2. The PURGE-Album version-
    3. Stealth
    4. unfulfilled
    5. RIDWAN
    6. the:Øry



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