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Minor news roundup 3/1

Minor news roundup 3/1

Some minor updates from Affective Synergy, ARLEQUIN, AVANCHICK, THE BLACK SWAN, and SAMUKURO:

  • Affective Synergy (pictured above) held their live on the 25th. LIN (凛) says that the project will be a little more active this year, but detailed plans haven't been made yet (tho it seems that he will be recording something soon!). Here's the setlist from the live:1. 蒼焔-Souen- / 2. As a Fact / MC / 3. Another Sky / 4. Nyx (Lilith cover) / 5. Daze (new song)

ARLEQUIN will participate in a threeman with Kiryu (己龍) and MERRY in June:

ARLEQUIN has announced new goods: a parka, tshirt, coin purse, and sticker. (They're all pretty ugly |D)They're also releasing a pamphlet! Most of the shitty bands I listen to never get popular enough to have pamphlets, so that's a good sign♪

ARLEQUIN were on talk program NICO Visu (ニコびじゅ) today.

AVANCHICK are selling live photographs via their section at the AOOS web shop.

AVANCHICK will hold a series of three twoman/threeman events:

THE BLACK SWAN will participate in a fourman in June:

  • ex-Oneness guitarist DAI will participate in a session on 2016-03-31:- Tokubetsu na SOUP 【LILT Sedai】 (特別なスープ【リルト世代】)- V. 空-kou- [ex-LILT (リルト)]- G. DAI [ex-Oneness]- G. Yuki (柚希) [ex-RIZ]- B. Fuma (冬麻) [ex-RIZ]- D. °CeleNa。 [ex-RIZ]

SAMUKURO officially joined Me teaR music on 2016-02-14. They'd previously appeared on that label's omnibus. Hilariously, their official web site has stopped working... some label, huh |D


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