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Minor news roundup 2/15

A quick news roundup before work. More to come:

  • LIN (SUI, KISAKI, & MIZALY) will appear on the 2016-02-24 edition of VISUAL Kei Tsuushin ・ Kai (ヴィジュアル系通信・改). Watch here.

Two session bands will appear at ALVION's last live oneman:


  • DIRmatsusan (ディル松さん) 【V. Sinmatsu (しん松) aka SIN [ALVION]
  • G. Kayumatsu (かゆ松) aka Kayuki (華雪) [ex-2nd Dyz]
  • G. Sakimatsu (さき松) aka Yuuki Saki (結城 咲) [ex-EnishiShin (縁心)]
  • B. Yourimatsu (ゆーり松) aka YOURI [ex-ASTRAY]
  • D. Makomatsu (まこ松) aka MAKOMETAL】 (opening act)
  • katsuki SESSION (katsukiセッション) 【V. katsuki [ALVION]
  • G. NICO [ex-LICKER]
  • B. Mst [ex-EnishiShin (縁心)]
  • D. PAYTHON・H・Akyyyyy [ex-Zyn¢X]】 (opening act)
  • Affective Synergy (guest)

At the SUI&MIZALY (LIN) tribute oneman live on 2016-02-14, eight previously-unreleased live DVDs were sold. Each cost 3,000 yen; 7 were of Megaromania and 1 was of Metis Gretel. They all sold out immediately.

Drummer LEN (煉) of THE BLACK SWAN will release his first book, LEN to Kotetsu (煉と虎徹), on 2016-03-23. Of course it's a photo collection of his famous cat! On preorders alone, the book is the #1 bestseller in Amazon JP's “cat book” category, lol. (This will definitely be why TBS eventually breaks up, huh?)

MASKED RIDER SYSTEM will release their live-limited live DVD, CAST OFF, from 2016-02-20. I want it :(

Mis†ake sold an [armband](https://

and [face masks](https:// They also freely distributed [their custom tea](https:// also released a live-limited PV and a new single. Both are sold out.Their next live is a “oneman” on 2016-03-11:

Gekokujou FROM Anata

  • Mis†ake
  • Magistina Saga (guest act)
  • A113 (guest act)
  • MUKURO (無玄-MUKURO-) (guest act)


  1. Zen, Atashi ga Kieru。


  1. Suimen ni Utsuru Hidarimawari no Bousui Tokei (PV)



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    • sheepprincessgara 2016-02-15 19:16:37
      I fucking hope someone puts up one of those Megaro/Metis DVDs for sale...

      I fucking hope someone puts up one of those Megaro/Metis DVDs for sale...

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