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Minor news roundup 1/3

Here's a bunch of random news from the past weeks:

  • GOEMON RECORDS band PENTAGON (ペンタゴン) is the cover artist of freepaper SEVEN Vol.021.

  • AVANCHICK vocalist NOAH is in a session band on 2015-02-06 at Shinjuku (新宿) RUIDO K4:

  • BLACK EGOIST 【V. NOAH [AVANCHICK] / G. Tomo (友) [ex-A→Z.] / G. (TBA) / B. LiO [Ecthelion] / D. Lyvia [Ecthelion]】

  • Shop SKULL ROSE New Years 2015 comment DVD includes ARLEQUIN, GOTCHAROCKA, GIGAMOUS, REALies, and Oneness.

  • The signed postcard, which was the mail-order privilege for purchasing both types of LIN's Chaotic Resistance, had been delayed due to manufacturing issues. They should be mailed to applicants soon.

  • Drummer MIKAGE (ex-EzeːquL, chariots, etc.) has opened his OHP and official YouTube channel.

  • THE BLACK SWAN has begun selling “THE BLACK SET” goods set which includes a t-shirt, towel, two wristbands, and a six-shot photo with the band, for the special price of 5,000 yen.

  • LIN KISAKI and MIZALY appeared as opening act on FM YOKOHAMA 84.7 radio show P Channel (Pちゃんねる) on 2015-01-01 from 25:30 to 26:00.

  • Black Gene For the Next Scene 2013-05-05 distributed CD 「ARIZARIN」 (「アリザリン」) was sold at Brand X beginning on 2014-12-14.

  • DECIDE sold [collaboration t-shirts with REMER][5] at their last live.

  • Black Gene For the Next Scene drummer Sala (ex-spiv states) will secede from the band on 2015-01-04, due to his inability to reach his goals as a drummer.

  • Oneness began distribution of their free 2 year anniversary single, [Ukiyo TRAGEDY][6] (浮世トラジェディ), at various shops beginning on 2015-01-01.

  • remembrance and PARANOID≠CIRCUS are featured on CROW MUSIC's [New Year event comment DVD][7], released on 2015-01-04.

  • ARLEQUIN vocalist Aki (暁) is featured with RYO:SUKE in a ViSULOG interview.




  1. Ukiyo TRAGEDY


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