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Megaromania special live events

Megaromania has announced a slew of special live events to fill in the months before their disbandment. First, they'll embark on their last tour. Then, they'll hold their 5th anniversary festival, and after that they'll hold their last birthday event. Finally, they'll celebrate their 5th anniversary and disband.

Megaromania will embark on their last tour, a Revolving Lantern..., during which the band will play in the cities of each member's birthplace. In each city, the member who was born there will select the setlist and costumes.

Megaromania homecoming LAST TOUR *「a Revolving Lantern...」 蜘影-Chikage- Day- 2013-05-09 at Yokohama SUNPHONIX HALL

*「a Revolving Lantern...」 美沙麗-Misery- Day- 2013-05-12 at Kofu KAZOO HALL

  • Megaromania (oneman) / Synk;yet (opening act) / Scarlet Valse (opening act)

*「a Revolving Lantern...」 邑詩-Yushi- Day- 2013-05-27 at mito LIGHT HOUSE

  • Megaromania (oneman) / Synk;yet (opening act) / Scarlet Valse (opening act)

*「a Revolving Lantern...」 翠-Sui- Day- 2013-06-16 at Urawa NARCISS

  • Megaromania (oneman) / Synk;yet (opening act) / KIL:erre (opening act)

*「a Revolving Lantern...」 氷牙-Hyoga- Day- 2013-06-28 at Yamagata Showa MUSIC Session

Then, Megaromania will hold a special session festival to celebrate their 5th anniversary. The band will play an extended setlist, and various sessions will appear as well (details TBA on May 4th).

Megaromania PRESENTS 5th ANNIVERSARY FESTIVAL *Eternal Glint- 2013-06-02 at ESAKA MUSE

  • Megaromania (60 minute set) / (Sui session) / (Misery&Hyoga session) / (Chikage&Yushi session) / (guest bands)
  • ※ Further details TBA 2013-05-04

Megaromania will hold their last birthday “secret party” oneman on July 5th. In addition to the live performance, they have many special fan-thanksgiving projects planned, and will freely distribute their last memorial goods!

Megaromania Presents The Birth[day] of Creation ~Megaromania Seitan & Shinkousha Kanshasai Last Secret Party~ (~Megaromania 生誕&信仰者感謝祭 Last Secret Party~)

  • 2013-07-05 at Shinjuku RUIDO K3
  • Megaromania (oneman / special projects)
  • ※ Last memorial goods freely distributed

Finally, Megaromania will hold their last 2 days oneman live, THE LEGEND OF CREATION, to celebrate their 5th anniversary. They'll sell a venue-limited new song at the live, and will disband on the second day, 2013-07-31 at Shibuya O-EAST.



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