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Megaromania one-day revival!!

Megaromania one-day revival!!

Yesterday, Misery tweeted that he would have a special announcement at 6pm on August 21. That announcement has been made today - no new band yet, but a beloved old band will be reviving!

As announced by both Sui and Misery, Megaromania will be having a one-day revival at their oneman show, "Megaromania MEMORIAL ONE MAN LIVE Re:Birth of Creation -天地創造-" (Re:Birth of Creation -tenchi souzou-) at Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE on November 11!! Only the second lineup with drummer Yushi will perform~

I was expecting Misery to announce a new band of some sort, but this is great too!! As Megaromania was my gateway to visual kei, I'm happy to see them coming back, even for just one day! That also brings me to wonder, will original drummer Leda take part? It's unlikely, but his session performance is just a few weeks prior to Megaromania's revival live...coincidence much?


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