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LIN roundup

LIN roundup

LIN's (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) new single, Chaotic Resistance, is out now. What did you think about it? While we wait for announcement of another release, here's a roundup of minor LIN news:


  • [This promotion DVD][1] was down to only 12 remaining copies at LIN's 2014-07-27 live... so I'm sure it's sold out by now! And as suspected, it contains the studio version of the song playing over live footage of the band. It's a really nice DVD, actually!

  • LIN's official web shop will open on 2014-08-01.

  • At the band's 2014-07-27 live, they sold sets of old cheki (1,000 yen, 2 pieces each). The first five people to purchase a set received a full DVD of the band's 2014-07-11 live! Full info [here][2].

  • At their upcoming threeman, Blade of Screaming, special goods will be sold: event t-shirt (3,500 yen each, limited 100, pink or red type), and event sticker (500 yen, limited).




  1. Chaotic Resistance (live PV)


  1. Sacred Xanadu
  2. Monochrome -vanished ray-
  3. Freedom
  4. Schwarz Vrain



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