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LIN members on Namamail V

LIN is now available on Namamail V, a service in which you pay 300 yen per month (per subscription) to receive realtime emails from your favorite musicians. Users can actually reply to these emails as well, although the musicians' email addresses are kept secret.

Some of you might remember that KISAKI actually did this last year as well―anyone who still has a subscription to his solo Namamail will be transferred over to the new one.


  • If you want to subscribe, here's how to do it (some Japanese required):
    • Navigate to Namamail V on your phone (PC won't work) and register. (Be sure to use your real address, so the emails can arrive!)
    • Navigate to LIN's page, and then to your favorite member, and use the au payment service link (they allow credit cards, while the other two don't).
    • Input your credit card information and submit.

I actually subscribed to KISAKI's Namamail last year, and I would say it's worth it (it's only $3!) ...at least for a month or two. It was exciting to receive behind-the-scenes emails from KISAKI, but, like everything he's involved in, he abandoned it pretty quickly.

So, my official verdict: if you're interested, do it, but cancel as soon as it's been like 2 weeks since you last received a message. 8D </cut>

By the way, here's KISAKI's horrible Namamail commercial from last year:



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