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LIN limited sales for 3/8~3/10 lives

As expected, LIN will have limited goods/sales at their last lives on 2016-03-08~10 (with many DVDs, natch!):

  • The End of Corruption World 2010-2015

※ w/ live-limited privilege: 2-piece set of IC card stickers

  • original bag w/ random trading live DVD (4,000 yen / limited 50)

※ 7 live DVDs total, from 1st and 2nd periods

  • new design mirror (1,500 yen)

  • 2-piece set of that-day-limited cheki (1,000 yen)

  • 10-piece set of 1st Period LIN bootleg live DVDs (15,000 yen / limited 1)

  • 2-piece set of old cheki (1,000 yen)

  • old design muffler towel (2,000 yen)

  • old design mirror w/ sticker (1,500 yen)

As a reminder, their last live on 2016-03-20 will see a freely distributed t-shirt, and those who purchase a special ticket received an original parka. I assume there will be additional goods or sales limited to that day.



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