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Lilith's new look, second press, and more

Lilith's new look, second press, and more

Lilith has revealed their new look! Nice, isn't it?

They've also announced that they'll release a second press of their album in January. It lacks the privileges and making-of footage from the first press, but makes up for it by including video from the band's January 2016 oneman.


  1. [SILK] Rouge
  2. Arcadia
  3. Mr.Frxxk
  4. Crimson Psyche
  5. Stellar Secret -Xingzhimi-
  6. Xinhen
  7. Yukimio
  8. Spring Snow
  9. Red Wing -Chongshengzhihuo-
  10. Fenice
  11. X Sense
  12. Sala
  13. NYX
  14. Dawn of the Mutation
  15. Yukimio (PV)
  16. Crimson Psyche
  17. Eyes Candy
  18. Sala
  19. NYX
  20. Rebellion=Ark

In other news, vocalist Kyouka (鏡華) has released a cover of Digimon themesong Butter-Fly, originally by Wada Kouji (和田 光司). Meanwhile, bassist Shura (修羅) released a cover of Gokurakujoudo (極楽浄土) by MARiA, who originally rose to popularity via niconico. The whole band is super talented, huh?

The tracklist of the digital version of Lilith's upcoming single has changed somewhat. Now, the title track is being listed as a “Web ver.,” which I assume means it's slightly shorter? However, they've also added two vocalless tracks to the release m/


  1. Panlongwufeng Web ver.
  2. Tianshanggongque
  3. Panlongwufeng Web ver. (Instrumental)
  4. Tianshanggongque (Instrumental)

Guitarist Lin (凛) has been featured on the FRACTAL AUDIO SYSTEMS artist page. He's in good company: MEJIBRAY, GLAY, SUGIZO, baroque, and A9 are also featured.

Finally, I want to mention that I've caught-up the discographies for Lilith and Affective Synergy, so please check those out. I've also found clips of their songs being used for the opening and ending (respectively) of anime Hitori no Shita: THE OUTCASAT (一人之下: THE OUTCAST):



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