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KISAKI photosets at official web shop


Earlier this week, the official web shop added two special KISAKI photoset sales. First, an ultra rare collection―limited to 1 only!―of over 30 photosets (about 150 photos in total) of KISAKI's time in MIRAGE, Syndrome, and ANTI FEMINISM. Second, 53 sets of 5 random offshot photos of KISAKI from his time in MIRAGE~Syndrome~Phantasmagoria.

The super rare 30 photoset collection costs 15,750 yen and is limited to <storng>1 copy only. It contains 4 photosets from the MIRAGE era, 1 from his appearance in ANTI FEMINISM, and 25 from his Syndrome era, as well as a bonus MIRAGE postcard. As of this post, the collection is still available here, so grab it now if you really want it!

The more accessible SPECIAL OFF SHOT photosets are only 1,575 yen each, and 53 of those sets are available. The photos in each set are completely random, and although the listing states that they're from MIRAGE~Syndrome eras, the preview photo shows mostly Phantasmagoria era pictures, so take that as you will. Those sets are available here (and do apply towards SPECIAL FAIR PART:1).



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