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KENTZ' new label, and other updates

ex-chariots support drummer KENTZ (who you may know from his “final stage” which was sponsored by UNDER CODE, due to his terminal cancer) has announced the creation of his own record label: Candy Vox Music!

The label is a joint venture with ViViD roadie Takeshi, and has has already announced its first three sets of two-day sponsored events: First Impression, Second Impression, and Third Impression. ex-SIVA band gaNesha will appear at one of the events and KENTZ will hold his own session band at another. For more information, please check the Candy Vox Music OHP.

Candy Vox Music

Earlier this year, KENTZ also released a digital book! The book, 5 Do no DISCORD (5度のディスコード), was released on 2013-03-27, and features a fictional account of the drama that unfolds after visual kei band “Blanc de Vibert” disbands due to the death of one of its members. Although the story is fictional, it's based on KENTZ' years of experience in visual kei bands (Le:view, Mars, Lusus, Sepia, 「Aya」, chariots, etc.).

5 Do no DISCORD is available on Amazon JP through their Kindle app, and is currently only 99 yen. The writer is listed as 西風希祥, and the total length is about 110 pages.

Buy 5 Do no DISCORD · 西風希祥 temporary blog

As far as KENTZ' health is concerned, he had recently stated that he seemed to be recovering... but, unfortunately, a later post said that his cancer seemed to have spread. Still, he seems to be in good spirits, and with his new label and session band, it seems that he's refused to give up. KENTZ posts daily to his blog and is now also on Twitter as well:

KENTZ official blog · <a class="buttonB" href="http://www.twitter.com/kent_z1029/">KENTZ official Twitter


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