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Help choose NEGA's setlist

NEGA's fan appreciation event DEAR NEGATIVIST is quickly approaching, and the band has opened a special email address through which fans can help choose the setlist!

The email address is _negarequest@under-code.jp, and requests will be accepted from February 6th through February 13th. To participate (although there's really no reason to unless you're attending the live!), email your name, requested songs (up to 3), and reason for requesting those songs to the address above.

The list of songs eligible for request: <cut> 1.MMFP 2.VANITAS VANITATUM 3.PURGATORY 4.FABLE IN THE COLD BED 5.GOODBYE HUMAN 6.糜爛故に 7.V-ROCK IS DEAD 8.躊躇うことなく「」を傷付けた指先は、途惑うことなく穢れた「」を飾る 9.虚しき「生」の寓意≒「死」の真意 10.WILL 11.2012 12.DELUGE 13.HINDSIGHT 14.REASONANCE 15.SINK 16.瞑葬 17.VORTICAL [E]MOTION 18.BORN 19.ラヴェイトレッド 20.LOVER 21.被害妄想と記憶 22.NIGHTMARE 23.魂泪は紅い血に 24.F.O.P 25.VIRGIN PAIN 26.UNBLESSED LOVE 27.WEIGHT OF THE LIFE 28.NEGATIVISION 29.HEART 30.瞋恚の炎 31.MINDLESS 32.鬱 33.idle 34.自虐パラノイド 35.abase 36.Haunted Jealousy 37.illegitimacy 38.Rain Falls 39.The Heartless People 40.quadrangle 41.in hole 42.DIS. 43.Another Eyes of reminiscence 44.壁 45.NEO DESTRUCTION 46.Ogress 47.朧 48.淫雨と暗澹 49.the Grave 50.Soul cry 51.muddy cult 52.貘-此ノ悪夢喰ライ賜へ53.Nameless alice 54.HATE HATE HATE 55.guilt trip 56.17歳の孤独 57.lust[er] 58.reminiscence 59.In the shadow of the rain cloud 60.空白 61.labia 62.深海魚 63.Dirty faith 64.侏吐羅 65.pray 66.enemy 67.spiral staircase 68.alter 69.I.E.>Se. ~It's a Perfect World But I Hate This World~ 70.無 71.夜にある希望、朝に来る絶望 72.Я </cut>

I'm sure it's going to be a great live!



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