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GOEMON BBQ, CindyKate revival, MARMOT event, and more

GOEMON BBQ, CindyKate revival, MARMOT event, and more

Aww, check out this shot from the recent “GOEMON RECORDS family” BBQ gathering ↑. They love each other ;_;. Anyway, here's a roundup of some GOEMON RECORDS news, feat. ARLEQUIN, CindyKate, and REALies!


  • CindyKate successfully completed their one-day revival twoman with MoNoLith on 2014-07-23. Unfortunately, I haven't found a setlist... but here are some good pictures of the band (with MoNoLith), and vocalist YU-I with the fans' flower arrangement.

  • REALies are in the process of recording a new single! And, as mentioned here, ARLEQUIN is working on a full album. More info soon.

  • After the success of the first one, GOEMON RECORDS will hold another edition of Jikkendai×MARMOT (実験台×モルモット), HALLOWEENban (ハロウィン版).

GOEMON RECORDS presents Jikkendai×MARMOT HALLOWEENban (実験台×モルモット ハロウィン版)

※ Songs CINEMA /Syndrome/ (シネマシンドローム) by REALies and Hakaana (墓穴) by ARLEQUIN will be played over and over. During first part, band members will “experiment” on the audience and teach aggressive choreography to those songs. During the second part, audience members will perform choreography perfectly to those songs.

※ A special proposition will be held. Proposition paper will be distributed to audience members at the beginning of the live.

GOEMON RECORDS presents GOMI ha GOMIhakowe from-G- 2POI (ゴミはゴミ箱ヱ from-G- 2ポイ)

  • 2014-10-15 at Takadanobaba (高田馬場) AREA.
  • ARLEQUIN / THE BLACK SWAN / Call Me / REIGN / AvelCain / SCAPEGOAT / Gossip




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