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Yesterday, FUTURISM・BOYZ announced that they will hold a oneman live in September! ...And today, that oneman has already sold out!! Nice job F・B~

F・B will hold their oneman Nara FES!!! on September 8th in their hometown of Nara. The band will play in a local studio, so attendance to the oneman will be limited. Furthermore, the band will appear without makeup/costumes (much like their recent threeman).

After the oneman, the band will hold a “night party” in the same building. There will be no alcohol, so underage fans are welcome. Furthermore, everyone is encouraged to bring a meal from home. Eat and chat with the members and make memories of summer together!

FUTURISM・BOYZ oneman 奈良フェス!!! (Nara FES!!!)

limited attendance allowed

ナイトパーティー (NIGHT PARTY)

bring your own meal; underage attendees welcome



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