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FUTURISM・BOYZ live cancelled due to arrest

FUTURISM・BOYZ members Shun and YUKIHIRO announced two days ago that the band's 2013-10-06 sponsored event has been cancelled (featuring ex-UCP cast), due to vocalist CO- being detained by police for questioning.

The members are unsure what CO- was involved in but it seems that he could be in some real trouble (eg. arrested). Shun and YUKIHIRO will further update when they know more about the situation―and after they've made a decision about the future of FUTURISM・BOYZ.

Refunds are available to all those who pre-ordered tickets to the event.



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    • Mr.0 2013-10-06 15:59:55
      I hope it's not too serious…

      I hope it's not too serious…

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