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ex-SIVA/gaNesha & ex-VARYL members form new band PISARRO

ex-SIVA/gaNesha & ex-VARYL members form new band PISARRO

Certain members of gaNesha, SIVA, and VARYL are back, and they've formed a new band together!

The band, named PISARRO (ピサロ), will feature the following lineup:

  • Vo. KOE (虎歪) (ex-SIVA, gaNesha (as Kairi), etc.)
  • Gu. KAEDE (楓) (ex-ZERθGATE, EXEQUTE (as Sou))
  • Gu. YAKO (弥妓) (ex-gaNesha (as Keisuke), etc.)
  • Ba. Vian (ex-VARYL (as Yume))
  • Dr. WATARU (渉) (ex-Lucaria, the Dice (as Miya), etc.)

PISARRO will debut at their first presents live, the chaotic gallery: picture01 edge ikebukuro at Ikebukuro EDGE, on May 20. Before then, they are also set to release not one, but three one-coin singles on April 7; Shokuzai no Hako, Frame, and Gantai Endorphin. The sample for all three songs can be viewed [here][1].

Also making a guest appearance at their live will be chariots. Tickets are available on March 26.



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