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Devil Kitty's New Single "夢幻回帰"

Devil Kitty's New Single "夢幻回帰"

DEVIL KITTY are releasing their first single entitled ["夢幻回帰"][1] (Mugen Kaiki) on May 18th. The single has two tracks and will only cost 540 yen. The band has described the first track to be melancholic and the latter to be "rampage metal (lit: 暴れメタルナンバー)," so it looks like this little single is going to have some diversity.

In addition to their new costumes, as shown above, the band is also embarking on a fairly extensive free one-man tour. From the bits and pieces I could understand from their article on Visunavi, it seemed like they were disappointed that some fans couldn't afford to see them all the time, so making their shows free is an effort to reach out to others who might not have been able to see them otherwise. I guess Yuuga's getting soft in his old age ;)

Full details about their tour, as well as an interview with the band can be read in native Japanese here.



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