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Devil Kitty - New Single, New Guitarist, and Two New Music Videos

For the past few weeks, members of DEVIL KITTY have been teasing a big announcement for June 15th, 2017. The day finally came, and with it the news of a new CD, new promo pictures, and a new guitarist.

DEVIL KITTY 's new guitarist is Akina of THE EGOIST, which was a fellow label-mate of DK before Rockstar Records imploded. THE EGOIST was one of 3 bands that survived the label's closure, and they even got featured on an omnibus with a few UCP alumni bands. However, they eventually split after their vocalist ran off and ditched a few of their gigs.

The new single "裁きの悪魔" (Sabaki no Akuma), oddly dubbed their "1st single," comes out November 1st and will come in 3 types: two limited additions with a bonus music video DVD, and a regular edition that comes with 4 songs instead of two. One of the featured tracks is "Tenchuu," which the band has already released twice. This time it will get a music video -- a music video that will be "publicly recorded" and will give fans the chance participate in the video. The first 100 people will received 1,000 yen for doing so (about $10). The band stated that the reason for doing this is because most bands sell tickets to get fans in their video, but to be different, they wanted to give fans money instead.

Type-B will feature a separate music video for their new song "DEVIL."


  1. Tenchuu
  2. DEVIL
  3. Kimi 2 Yubiwa ≠ S

With the news of the new single and band member, Devil Kitty also has a few more lives planned for the fall.




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