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NEGA has announced a special “ultra rare goods” lottery for their fan-thanksgiving event, DEAR NEGATIVIST, which is being held today. Attendees who spend 3,000 yen on goods will be allowed to draw from the lottery and win 1 random item. The possible prizes are amazing, including a recording of JIN's previous band!!

More information about the recording of JIN's previous band: [「・・・Kakera」 - LIVE at KOBE PINE FIELDS][1]

And the full list of possible prizes:

  • 【A prize ×1】 I♥NEGA t-shirt (white) (originally distributed in 2008 via stamp rally)

  • 【B prize ×2】 Yoru ni Aru Kibou, Ashita ni Kuru Zetsubou CD (originally distributed through the band's OHP to celebrate their formation)

  • 【C prize ×2】 I.E.>Se.~It's a Perfect World But I Hate This World~ CD (originally distributed at twoman with Cannival Method)

  • 【D prize ×2】 Defection Deep Depression and... CD (originally sold only at lives)

  • 【E prize ×2】 Old photoset

  • 【JIN's prize ×2】 「・・・Kakera」 live recording CD-R (previous band of JIN, made exclusively for this event)

  • 【SAN's prize ×2】 Photosets, posters, and CDs of previous bands FESTER and 「13」

  • 【Ray's prize ×2】 Old NEGA pick set

  • 【Yu's prize ×2】 CDs of previous band DHIANA

  • 【Consolation prize】 Random old NEGA cheki



  1. Mu
  2. Kioku
  3. 「Ao」i UTA
  4. Hakkou
  5. Moumoku



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