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David to release first single

David to release first single

David will release its first single in September!

That was announced by SUI at David's first official live on the 8th at Tokyo (東京) KINEMA Club (キネマ倶楽部). All other details are TBA, but my guess is it will feature the three songs that they played at the live: GENESIS, MAGE, and BLOOD.

Btw, once again the support members were erina, HI-NA, Jin, and Sho. I wonder if they'll participate in the recording of the single as well 🤔

Also, these are the goods that David is selling: muffler towel (2,500 yen), poster (1,000 yen), and photoset (1,000 yen).

Who doesn't want a poster in their room of SUI doing that pose?



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