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David's "Wizard Store -Global-" opens to overseas customers!

David's "Wizard Store -Global-" opens to overseas customers!

Good news for us dirty gaijins - after opening their official webshop a month ago, David will expand its activities overseas! Wizard Store -Global- has been opened for business on October 8. Here's the basic rundown of the shop:

  • Unfortunately for some of us, the shop currently accepts bank transfers only. That means no Paypal, etc. The shop gives you a week to pay for your order after checking out. Once the deadline is reached, your order is automatically cancelled if not paid.
  • Shipments for the first batch of orders will be on October 31; estimated time for delivery will be approximately 3-10 days.
  • It has the same goods available at the regular webshop, including the other edition of Requiemage and personal message DVD bonuses, except there's also an exclusive cheki set for us too!

For some of us who like to shop for goods from Japan, we all know that shipping can be expensive, whether you buy from a shop that ships overseas (ex. CDJapan, closet child, etc.), or from a proxy shopping service (ex. FromJapan, Shopping Mall Japan, etc.). David's store is no different - here's the rundown on shipping prices for each region:

  • Europe - 2,600 yen ($23.13 USD)
  • Oceania/North America/Central America/Middle East - 2,400 yen ($21.35 USD)
  • Asia (excluding Japan) - 1,800 yen ($16 USD)

*Protip: in case you want to avoid the high shipping price for your order (although there may not be much difference), using a proxy shopping service will NOT work in this case. David's global shop will not accept proxy services. :(



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