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David's "Requiemage" samples released + live date added

With only a month away until the release of David's first single, Requiemage, the sample trailer has been released - on Twitter.

This straight-up gives me Megaromania vibes...I'm excited!! Although I'm not a fan of having an SE song in the middle, from what it looks like... What do you think?

In other news, another live date has been added! David participates as a main-event act in yet another DUAL CORE SOUND ENTERPRISE event on December 26 at Ikebukuro CYBER. They will perform alongside Sibilebashir (シビレバシル), an odd choice for a twoman live. Other supporting acts include Larme Belladonna, TTC (Z, TOMOZO, (both ex-SHAPE SHIFTER) KAIE, SHIO (汐) (ex-GHOSE)), and the Chris (hajime (ex-TRIGGAH, now in DARIAN MARIAN), Igarashi Takuya (ex-SHAPE SHIFTER), MAKOTO (誠), and one other member TBA).


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