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Updates on Dali and their album


I have a ton of little bits of Dali information for you guys, so I figured I'd just round them up into one post. First up, a few things about their upcoming best album! <cut>

  • The title is /Dali/ COLLE DISC (ダリコレ ディスク). For some reason, no stores mention the “DISC” portion, but that is the official title.

  • The cover art has been revealed! Very cool too (a blender filled with images of the band throughout their career).

  • It's available at CDJapan now!

  • According to the title strip (obi), the album includes rerecording(s) and remix(es). In my opinion, this probably refers to previously-released rerecordings (such as D PINK NUMBER (どピンクナンバー) or H.N[maigo] (H.N[迷子])), but maybe they'll surprise us.

  • The store privilege list has been announced:
  • UNDER CODE PRODUCTION OFFICIAL WEB SHOP - unique message DVD + desired signed cheki
  • Jishuban Club - comment DVD + photoset
  • little HEARTS. - comment DVD (theme: thankful things) + group photo
  • PureSound - comment DVD (theme: enjoyed things) + song explanation comment CD
  • five Stars. - comment DVD (theme: greatly liked things) + group photo
  • Brand X - comment DVD (theme: disliked things) + group photo
  • Like an Edison - comment DVD + promotion clip explanation comment CD


Now some random bits about the band and their activities lately: <cut>

  • Although neither Dali nor UNDER CODE PRODUCTION ever mentioned it, Dali actually sponsored a series of three events called play!. The first two events were held on 2012-09-10 and 2012-09-11 (at which Dali sold a new CD), and the third will be held on 2012-10-08. (These events are sponsored fully by the band―UNDER CODE did not help with them financially.)

  • At their 2012-10-08 sponsored event, Dali will appear as ダリ. (When Dali first formed, they wrote their name this way―in katakana. I suppose this means that the band will wear old costumes and/or play old aggressive songs at this live.)

  • Dali has planned a 5 hour set for their 2012-10-10 oneman!

  • The title of their last tour, YESTERDAY ONCE TOUR (イエスタデイワンスツア), is a play on the title of a [song by The Carpenters][1].


One more little bit about their latest alter ego band...: <cut>

  • At their 2012-09-10 sponsored event, a mysterious band from 加古川 (Kakogawa) appeared. The band, Mis†ake, is an old school visual kei copy band of ROUAGE―and is in reality an alter-ego band of Dali. Here's a picture of them from Dali's official blog: [![][2]][2]

  • Mis†ake's lineup is as follows:
  • Voice - ソドム (SODOM)
  • Guitar - 無印印 (Mujirushijirushi)
  • Guitar - 血飛沫飛沫 (Chishibukishibuki)
  • Bass - 弥琴 (Mikoto)
  • Drums - 迷宮 (Mayomiya)

SODOM is confirmed to be Dali vocalist Ren (recognized by his voice). (By the way, Sodom is the Biblical city famously associated with homosexuality/abnormal sex, hahaha~) Mikoto is definitely Dali bassist YUU (he used that name when he was in kote visual band Dea r'e fuse). However, I'm not sure who the other members are―I assume most are also from Dali, but since there are 5 members in Mis†ake and only 4 in Dali, I'm not 100% sure.

  • At the live, guitarist 血飛沫飛沫 (Chishibukishibuki) left the band, and the band may or may not have disbanded. (Keep in mind that this is all just a bogus band/story made up by Dali for fun!)

  • According to the post in the Dali blog, Mis†ake have a single for sale called 水面に映る左回りの防水時計 (Suimen ni Utsuru Hidarimawari no Bousui Tokei). I'm not sure if that's just another joke, or if Dali actually recorded a single as this parody alter-ego band. Either way would not surprise me.


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[2]: http://weloveucp.com/uploads/2012-09-20-Dali-2.png



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