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D sponsors countdown oneman festival

D sponsors countdown oneman festival

D has announced their “countdown oneman festival,” Mad Tea Party, to be held on 2016-12-31~2017-01-01 at Sanrio Puroland in Tokyo (東京). The event--which is basically a mini VISUAL JAPAN SUMMIT--will see various bands hold short oneman lives at one of three Puroland stages, over New Year's Eve and into 2017.


The first stage, Puroland ENTERTAINMENT HALL, will see CANTA at 13:40, followed by ALDIOUS, then D at 19:30, and GOTCHAROCKA at 01:10 the following morning. Other bands (TBA) will also perform on that stage.

The second stage, Puroland MARCHEN THEATER, will feature NoGoD at 20:00 and GIGAMOUS at 01:10 the following morning. (Apparently, these are the only two that will appear on that stage.)

The third stage, Puroland FAIRY LAND THEATER, has not announced its lineup yet.

At 23:30, the New Year countdown parade (presumably featuring all participating musicians?) will kick off at Puroland PURO VILLAGE, and will last until 00:15.


All attendees will receive the limited CD, HAPPY UNBIRTHDAY 2016~2017 COUNTDOWN PARADE ver., by D.



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