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CindyKate's summer tour and song explanations


  • シンディケイト (CindyKate) has announced that they'll be embarking on a summer semi-threeman tour! It features Jin-Machine and サウイフモノ (SOUIUMONO) and will take place throughout Japan this August.

Goudou!! SUMMER TOUR!! 2012乐しいよ~\(^o^) (Tanoshii yo~ \(^o^))

  • 2012-08-03 at 心斋桥 (Shinsaibashi) CLAPPER
  • 2012-08-05 at HOLIDAY NAGOYA
  • 2012-08-07 at 池袋 (Ikebukuro) BlackHole
  • 2012-08-08 at 仙台 (Sendai) MACANA
  • Jin-Machine, シンディケイト (シンディケイト), サウイフモノ (SOUIUMONO), and others

The band members also recently took time to talk a little bit about the songs featured on their live-limited mini-albums. Below are rough translations:


  • LOVE CHAMPIONS ROAD - The story of an effeminate young man. Otake wrote it a long time ago, and it features rock riffs with a pop melody, all set to a high register.
  • Zutto Koushite Itakatta - Seems to be about the same man looking back at his life.
  • Yurari - A mature middle-ballad.
  • Kairaku Riron - An “overly-rich” song.


  • Yubikiri - He wrote this right after graduating from high school! It's a “winter song” which was influenced by his love of Showa-era ballads at the time. He gives it a score of: 59 points for vocals, 77 for guitar, 91 for bass, and 86 for drums.
  • Ekubo - Seems to be a song which he wrote for シンディケイト. Very poppy and focuses on love. He gives this one 21 points for vocals, 73 for guitar, 92 for bass, and 78 for drums.
  • Necklace - He wrote this during his 3rd year of high school! For this version, he changed it about 20%, mainly in the vocal melodies and adding synth. Seems to be a hard rock song about heartbreak. He scores it 32 points for vocals, 82 for guitar, 89 for bass, and 85 for drums.
  • Ichinenato no Sakura - This one is about lovers who are separated and meet again one year later... He calls this one a “沙美 Super Ballad” which features piano and strings. He gives it 63 points for vocals, 91 for piano, and 90 for strings.


  • So many... - He says it's an important song. He wanted to release it with シンディケイト (and says there might still be a change). It's a love song, as usual.
  • CLUB-RIZENOA- - This one is “very シンディケイト.” I think he wrote it around the time of their mini-album Night people. He says he tried to sing like Mikawa Kenichi.

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      SALT IN THE WOUND. Wanna hear Yubikiri especially!


      Wanna hear Yubikiri especially!

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