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CindyKate's 2013 oneman


CindyKate (シンディケイト) has just announced a two-part, “self-torture” (?!) oneman live to be held in 2013. The lives will feature CindyKate plus an as-yet unannounced opening act; details below.

CindyKate self-torture New Year oneman ~タイバンでいたら嬉しいなんてもう言わせないっ!~ (~TAIBAN de Itara Ureshiinante mou Iwasenaii!~)

  • 2013-01-19 at 心斋桥 (Shinsaibashi) CLAPPER
  • 2013-02-02 at SHIBUYA-REX (Unannounced opening act), CindyKate (oneman)



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