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チェリー (Cherry) To Hold Revival Show

チェリー (Cherry) To Hold Revival Show

Amidst all of the current ROCKSTAR RECORDS drama (with several bands leaving the label, and the rest seemingly forced to disband), some pretty cool results are surfacing. One of which is a revival show for former Eternal band チェリー (Cherry)!

Cherry were a short lived band formed in 2002, presumably right at the end of Matina's activity period. They ultimately disbanded in 2004, only released (possibly) one official single, and participated on the KALEIDOSCOPE omnibus.


  1. Virgin
  2. Just wanna be
  3. Akai ONE PIECE
  4. Misshitsu Hakuchuumu
  5. HOMESICK CHILD ~Haikei OKAMA Yarohe~
  6. NemuRERU Mori
  7. Kakurenbo
  8. Yakusoku
  9. Ousama no Mimi ha ROBA no Mimi
  10. Nocturne
  11. Punk Death Not
  12. Kareyuku Hana no Higeki
  14. Kimi wa Nakushita Fuyu
  15. Back drop Junkie[nancy]
  16. Koishigure
  17. WOSSHU Rettou
  18. Answer for ... dear 「A」

The band will revive on January 17th, at Kiryu's (the vocalist currently in ベティ(BETTY)) birthday live and will also distribute a CD that was supposed to be released in 2004 but ended up getting canceled.

Kiryu posted a teaser video for the event on his Twitter page.

Cherry's last known lineup was:

Vocals: 綺流 (Kiryu) (→ ART → ROZA-LIA(KIRYU) → チェリー → ヴィガル! (VIGAL!) → BLACK JACK(綺流) → 希龍PROJECT (Kiryu Project) (name written as 希龍) → ベティ)

Guitar: ゆま (Yuma) (→ チェリー → パレット (PALLET))

Guitar: だぁすけ (Daasuke) (→ Carriy → チェリー)

Bass: 憂乃 (Yuuno) (→ Ephialts → チェリー(憂乃) → パレット(PALLET as ゆうの (Yuuno)) → ユダ (YUDA as ゆうの (Yuuno)) → GELLONIMO(Support as 憂乃))

Drums: 冰伽 (→ Halcyon → チェリー → Under → BLACK JACK)

Thank you to Uglymouth for putting all of this together (◕ᴗ◕✿)



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