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AVANCHICK revealed

AVANCHICK revealed

The lineup of AVANCHICK (アヴァンチック) was finally revealed yesterday! The band has also announced its first release and uploaded a clip of a PV for the song Maria.

AVANCHICK (アヴァンチック) are: (※ L→R in photo above) *G. Otake (おたけ) [ex-CindyKate]- B. 篝-kagari- [ex-Veled ~ ArcDeaR]

  • V. NOAH [ex-A→Z.]
  • G. YOSHITO (ヨシト) [ex-SAINTIA (セインティア)]
  • D. Hyu-ga [ex-A→Z.]

AVANCHICK will release their first single, Maria, on 2014-06-25. For more information, please check the AVANCHICK discography page.

The band will hold their first live and sponsored event, Nuovo Strada Reale, on 2014-07-11 at SHIBUYA-REX. They will then embark on their first tour, Fukaki (孵化) from 2014-07-16 through 2014-10-11, with their tour final threeman, Fine Di Covare, on 2014-10-25 at SHIBUYA-REX.


AVANCHIK OHP artist page discography

By the way, Tritt fur Tritt incorrectly listed the then-unknown vocalist of AVANCHICK as an ex-UNDER CODE PRODUCTION musician, and I passed that incorrect information along in my last post. Sorry!

[2]: /uploads/2014-05-22-AVANCHICK.jpg


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